5 Axis CNC

At the heart of the Monolith Aeroworks prototyping toolbox, there lives a 20 ton  5 Axis CNC, Fanuc controlled, Japanese built, gantry milling robot affectionately named Ms. Avocado.  Don’t let her dainty name fool you. Ms. Avocado is big, strong, and she will accurately convert your material of choice into the next world changing design in no time flat.  She can repeatedly hold tolerances of less than .005 of an inch, and can be configured to fixture a large variety of materials, part sizes and shapes.

Materials typically cut by Ms. Avocado include:
Polyurethane tooling foams of all densities
Epoxy board
Composite laminate
Composite sandwich panel
Compo tool
Foam core
Honeycomb core

Ms. Avocado is equipped with a vacuum fixture table that allows for quick setup times, and  correctly supports the lightest weight materials during machining.

Contact us today to discuss how we can put Ms. Avocado to work for you!